Griffith Observatory & NKLA

Ross and I spent the day in Los Angeles yesterday, first attending the Best Friends NKLA adoption event, which happened to be located fairly close to the Griffith Observatory. We had tried going to the Observatory once before, but we weren’t able to find parking that day. Yesterday was a pretty hot day, and we were dressed appropriately to park and walk up the hill to the Observatory. Here are some pictures of the view and also some from when we arrived at Griffith Observatory. And just for good measure, I’ve Continue reading

My Day with Harry

You know that thing we refer to as a birthday? Well, I just had one of those. And to celebrate, the hubby and I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Not that other Harry Potter World in Florida. The one in California that is 40.7 miles from our house but took us over 90 minutes to get there (thank you L.A. rush hour traffic).

Since Harry Potter World is pretty new (opened last month in April), and we figured we’d only do this once, we splurged and went with the VIP Experience. The price varies by day, but it is still pretty expensive (IMO) regardless of weekday or weekend. Again, we figured we’d only do this once.

Was the VIP Experience worth it? First, let me tell you Continue reading