National Puppy Day!

Followers of my other blog know that I heart cats (I heart cats so, so much). But before we had three cats, we had Eddie! And although he’s no longer a puppy, I thought I’d take the time to show him off for National Puppy Day!

And…National Puppy Day is meant to promote adoptions! So, if you’re looking for a furry friend, head on out to your local shelter or rescue to see who’s looking for their forever home. You can also visit to find your new best friend. Remember – adopt, don’t shop!

It’s Eddie!

This first photo is from June 2003, the month we adopted Eddie. It’s the closest “puppy” picture we have of him, since he was estimated to be between eight months and one year old when we adopted him. But because of his longer haircut, he actually looks more puppy-like in later photos.

terrier dog

Next, we have Eddie in 2008. We were dogsitting at the time. His look here says, “Please help me! When is the other dog leaving?” Eddie has always been more into people than other dogs.

terrier dog

Here he is in 2009, looking more like a puppy because of his haircut.

terrier dog

Jumping ahead to Christmas 2014. If there is one thing that Eddie loves more than food and his dad, it’s opening presents! He doesn’t care too much what’s inside the package, he just LOVES to tear into the packaging and shake it dead…a true terrier.

terrier dog

Just a cute one of Eddie booping his own nose. (October 2016)

terrier dog

And here he is with his furry sibling, Dexter, from December 2016. Eddie is politely asking Dexter for his bed back. (Dexter said no.)

terrier dog and tabby cat

Eddie is 15 years old and still loving life. Adopting him was one of the best decisions that Ross and I have ever made.

What about you? Have you ever adopted a puppy or dog?

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